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      Industry dynamic

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      Sichuan Tianyi to build a large scale nitrogen plant

      Industry dynamic | 發布日期:2015/7/1 11:09:15

       The use of Sichuan Tianyi Polytron Technologies Inc (Tianke) independent innovation of the patented technology, built in Shanghai Shidongkou gas company 11000Nm3 / h pressure swing adsorption (PSA) nitrogen air separation device has passed the 72 hour assessment and acceptance. It is reported that this is the world's single set of PSA air separation system, the largest industrial equipment.

       Nitrogen is the protection of gas in petrochemical, food, medical, machinery, metallurgy, electronics and other industrial processes. Compared with PSA cryogenic nitrogen with the traditional method, because of its open parking convenience and low energy consumption and investment, more and more favored by the market.

       Expert introduction, this PSA air separation unit, is the engineering and technical personnel of the branch of the company according to the requirements of the user to nitrogen purity 93%, the use of vacuum new process built. By the calculation, equipment investment, open parking energy consumption were reduced by 40% and 25% than the cryogenic process.

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